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[KA00004] 비비고 포기김치 1kg

[KA00004] 비비고 포기김치 1kg


비비고 포기김치 1kg (Expired by 23.09.23)

CJ Bibigo Whole Cabbage Kimchi 1KG


Net Wt: 1KG


Ingredients: Salted Napa Cabbage 69.4%(Napa cabbage, Salt),Radish, Modified Tapioca Starch Mix(Tapioca Starch, Thickener(Guar Gum),Modified Starch(Hydroxy Propy, Distarch Phosphate), Fermented Fish Sauce(Anchovy Extract, Shrimp Extract, Kelp Extract, Flavour Enhancer(Monosodium Glutamate), Sweetener(Sorbital), Red Pepper Powder 2.7%, Garlic, Leek, Green Onion, Ginger, Starter Culture(Hydrolyzed Soy Protein)


Allergy Advice:For allergens, see ingredients in bold or underlined.


Storage:Once opened, keep refrigerated and do not exceed best before date.


Country of Origin:South Korea

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