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[KT00017] 대상 종가집 볶음김치(캔)(고소한맛) 160G

[KT00017] 대상 종가집 볶음김치(캔)(고소한맛) 160G


대상 종가집 볶음김치(캔)(고소한맛) 160G

Daesang Chongga Stir-fried Kimchi(Can) 160G



중량: 160g


종가집전통맛김치 83.4% [절임배추(배추국산),식염국산] E3% 종가집김치전용풀] 호화실혼합분말(쌀국산),고춧가루(국산), 설탕, 마늘국산, 정제수, 옥배유[옥수수씨눈(외국산:미국, 브라질, 러시아 등)],설탕, 고춧가루(국산) 다시마농충액[다시마(국산)] 정제소금(국산), 젖산


*Ingredients: 83.4% of traditional flavour kimchi at Jongga [pickled cabbage (domestic), salt soup] E3% Jongga kimchi mixed powder (rice soup), red pepper powder (domestic), sugar, garlic soup, refined water, corn seed eyes (foreign production: US, Brazil, Russia), red pepper powder (dried seaweed soup), salt, lactic acid


Allergy Advice:
For allergens, see ingredients in bold or underlined.


Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Country of Origin:

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