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[LX00065] 칠갑농산 얼음찬 비빔냉면 142g(실온)

[LX00065] 칠갑농산 얼음찬 비빔냉면 142g(실온)

£2.49 일반가

칠갑농산 얼음찬 비빔냉면 142g

Chilgab Noodle W/Chilli Sauce 140G


Net Wt: 140g



Noodle:Wheat Flour,Rice Powder,Buckwheat Flour,salt.

Paste:High Fructose Corn Syrup,Hot Pepper Powder,Garlic Juice,Ginger Powder,Malt Syrup,Onion Powder,Soy Sauce,Sugar,Flavour Enhancer,Garlic Powder,Brewed Vinegar,Sesame Oil,Sesame,Soybean.


Allergy Advice:

For allergens, See ingredients in bold or underlined.



Store in a cool place.


Country of Origin:

South Korea

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