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[MM00020] 초립동 감자수제비(스프첨부) 1kg

[MM00020] 초립동 감자수제비(스프첨부) 1kg


초립동 감자수제비(스프첨부) 1kg

Potato Sujebi 1kg




*Noodle: Wheat flour, Wheat starch, Potato, Rice, Refined salt, Alcohol, Vegetable oil
*Soup: Refined salt, Glucose, Flavour enhancer (E621), Soy sauce powder (Soybean), Anchovy powder, Hot red pepper, Dried leek, Dried carrot, Dried onion, Dried seaweed, Red pepper


Allergic Suggestions:
Check the bold or underlined ingredients in the raw material name.

Storage method:

Refrigerated storage

Country of origin:

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