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[MZ00004]구운찰떡 / Baked Rice cake

[MZ00004]구운찰떡 / Baked Rice cake


Superman London & Hanok in London


한옥인런던은 영국에서 수제로 제작하는 한국 떡집입니다. 한국의 떡은 정성스러운 작업을 통해 주로 쌀, 단팥등 다양한 재료로 건강하게 완성됩니다. 현대적인 맛과 디자인을 기반으로 떡을 만듭니다. 쌀가루로 제작하여 글루텐프리, 채식주의자 분들도 드실 수 있습니다.


Korean rice cakes (떡. Tteok) are products of intense labour and love, made from healthy ingredients - typically rice, sweat bean and various spices such as cinnamon.

Originating from 400 B.C., traditional desserts are a key part of Korean culture.

Hanok in London provides handcrafted rice cakes, which are designed to be perfect for the modern taste, and aim to deliver healthy alternatives to flour-based baked goods. They are "gluten-free, vegan-friendly" and packaged to be delivered to your front door.


구운찰떡 / Baked Rice cake


8조각(맛1* 4조각+맛2*4조각)

(인절미&단호박,단호박&흑임자,녹차&초코,인절미&초코, 녹차&흑임자, 인절미&흑임자, 단호박&녹차 중 선택)

Ingredients: rice, sugar, egg, vegetable oil, corn syrup(물엿), 그 외에 맛 에 따라 (choco powder, pumpkin, coffee extract, black sesame, bean powder, green tea powder) 토핑들 (nuts, lotus biscuit, pumpkin, sesame)


밀봉 시 2일 상온 보관 가능, 냉동 후에는 전자레인지 해동 후 섭취


Baked Rice cake 



7 flavours
Flavours:Injeolmi(Bean powder)&Sweet pumpkinSweet pumpkin&Black sesame,Green tea&Choco,Injeolmi(Bean powder&Choco, Green tea&Black sesame, Injeolmi(Bean powder)&Black sesame, Sweet pumpkin&Green tea

After being sealed, it is possible to keep it for 2 days at room temperature storage.
For frozen one, Thaw it in the microwave then have it.

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